Welcome to Las Plumerias!

Surf & Live In Popoyo Nicaragua

Welcome to Las Plumerias! We are Etienne and Emeline, a couple of Frenchies who moved to Nicaragua in 2008 to achieve our dream of running a surf camp and invite you to join us around our dinner table, share stories with our other guests and allow our expert surf guides show you the waves.


I have travelled all of my life, at age three I joined my parents to visit French Guyana then at 21 I moved to the USA after graduating in tourism.

My travels continued spending months going all around Asia (Laos, Cambodge, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia) and finally onto Australia; a whole year spent travelling and surfing. Back in France I worked up in the mountains and was able to snowboard throughout The French Alps. After the winter I went back to travel in the Philippines, South Africa and Indonesia (travelling and surfing the different islands) – life was great, the people were amazing and I didn’t want this to end.

After some time in the sun, I went back to work the seasons: Ski Shop Manager in The Alps during winter, surf instructor in Hossegor during summer.

In 2004 I met Etienne and we headed out to Central America to begin a new journey together, looking for Popoyo Nicaragua.


It is said that the Frenchs from the coast of Brittany are born travellers, and this certainly applies to me! After college with a fresh diploma in my pocket, all I wanted to do was take off and discover the world: quench my thirst of curiosity for new places and faces…and discover new surf spots.

Like Emeline, I worked the seasons: each summer I worked as a Camp Director and Surf Monitor in Morocco, then in Hossegor (France). Each winter I worked in a Ski Vacation Club then in a Ski Shop in Chamonix, France. I’ve always chosen my jobs to fit in with my passions of surfing and snowboarding.

This seasonal-schedule let my free time each year between the winter and summer vacation seasons for travel… always searching for the best waves: Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Morocco.

I dreamt of living under the sun with perfect waves, but which sun? The one of Popoyo Nicaragua?

In 2004, I met Emeline, an excellent surfer and snowboarder, avid traveller…and together we’ve found our paradise!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop us a line and we’ll be sure to answer any questions you may have. See you soon!

Las Plumerias

In 2005, we visited Central America for the first time. In Costa Rica, we were astounded by the fauna and flora, the great waves…but geez, it was over-crowded! We left for Panama, where the weather was horrible and the surf unrideable. We headed for Nicaragua, where better conditions were forecast. We couldn’t get much information about Nicaraguan surfing, but we made it to Popoyo Nicaragua. To our pleasant surprise, we found great waves, offshore winds that lasted all day, and for 10 days, we never surfed with more than 5 or 6 people in the water! We fell in love with the place and decided Nicaragua will be our paradise.

We came back to France, our heads full of ideas. Back to work: we had to finance our projects. In 2007, we came back to find what we were looking for. We made our way back to El Astillero, (close by Popoyo Nicaragua) our favourite place, a small fishing village on a big bay and started our adventure!

Today, we have created a great place to create a family and raise our 2 daughters, to meet new people, to hang-out and share our experiences with you. We dream of sharing our passion for surfing and Nicaragua, and also to learn about our guests’ passions and share their adventure in this fabulous place. We also hope to meld ourselves into the local village life of El Astillero, bringing extra commerce to the town and participating in existing projects related to education, women’s rights and environmental respect.

We have a great team to ensure you have the best stay possible in Popoyo Nicaragua:


Surf Guide, Surf Instructor & Surf Coach

I’ll be your surf guide and surf coach for your trip in Nicaragua. We have about 12 spots all within a short drive from the lodge here in Popoyo Nicaragua, heading out for a surf session in the morning and another in the afternoon.

Whether you are a complete beginner and need help on how to read the waves, stand up and catch your first wave or if you are a more advanced surfer looking to improve your snaps, aerials or barrels – I’ll be more than happy to give you pointers.

I’ll show you the best waves and of course, I’ll be out surfing with you!


Surf Guide, Surf Coach & Surf Instructor

I’ll be your Surf Guide and Surf Instructor for your trip in Nicaragua.

Ready to Surf?

Follow me, I’ll show you the best waves in the area and I’m always ready to give you some good tips to improve your surfing.

Viva Nicaragua!



Burritos, tacos, enchiladas, empanadas, pasta etc…I’ll prepare you delicious meals every day…and sometimes I’ll come and share some waves with you!

See you soon!



My English is getting better but make sure to learn a few Spanish words before coming otherwise you’ll eat the same than who you sit beside!

Breakfast ( Desayuno), Panqueques ( Pancakes), Huevos ( eggs), frutas ( fruits), juice ( jugo), delicious ( rico), One more ( uno mas) etc…



Surf as much as you can and I’ll be really happy to cook you my best recipes!!



Cristino: “We’re really proud of our garden, clean with lots of flowers and a large selection of trees.”


Security and Maintenance

Security 24/24 – 7/7

Nervin: ” No problem with me….They say in the village that I/m The Man”


Security and Maintenance

Security 24/24 – 7/7

Lester: “We keep Las Plumerias safe and clean with Nervin”