Eco Lodge Nicaragua


Sustainable 1While there are many different ways to define sustainability, we approach it in a way that broadly considers environmental, economic and cultural well-being for the present and future. This belief is manifested in how we built and currently run our surf lodge. It is also seen in our active participation in the local economy of El Astillero and our relationship with neighbors and local villagers.


The most tangible expression of this belief is Las Plumerias itself. We did the following to minimize the impact of building surf lodge:


  • Located lodge site close to prime surf destinations to minimize future guest vehicle trips
  • Consulted with neighbors to incorporate their knowledge, experience and wishes so that the lodge integrated into to the local community of El Astillero
  • Adopted local architecture, building techniques and materials that are time-tested in this region
  • Selected durable and locally produced building materials like brick, parge, timber, palm thatch and tile roofing
  • Incorporated passive cooling techniques in our lounge/dining room and bungalows by using screened windows, open eaves and heat chimneys
  • Hired local craftsmen to construct all of our lodge buildings
  • Planted native drought-resistant shrubs and trees to further limit water consumption

These are some of the simple daily gestures that further demonstrate our commitment:

  • Curb electricity consumption by utilizing low wattage lighting in buildings and solar-powered pathway lighting, gravity-fed water to limit pump use and passive solar hot water tanks
  • Limit water consumption by employing composting toilets that use wonderful smelling saw dust, mostly from Guanacaste wood, sourced from a lumber mill in Nandaime
  • Curtail the one-time use and disposal of plastic water bottles by providing a central potable water dispenser for refilling individual bottles
  • Serve locally procured food such as fresh fish and fruit from El Astillero village
  • Employ talented locals to assist at the lodge and to pilot boat surf trips
  • Give back to local villages by donating $1 per night, per person, towards existing durable development pilot projects in addition to supporting the El Asterillo medical clinic with supplies 

Want to stay at our eco lodge Nicaragua? Please contact us for availabilities.