Surf Package Nicaragua

A Real Surf Camp in the Main Surf Zone of Nicaragua

First and foremost, we are surfers! We are here to share with you our experience by offering you an unforgettable surf trip in our surf camp. We are long-time surf travelers. Before settling here in Nicaragua, we explored many of the world's best surf coastlines (Indonesia, Australia, Morocco, Sri Lanka…etc) in search of perfect wave and exploring different cultures.

Your hosts Etienne and Emeline are both qualified surf instructors, with diplomas from the French government. They have each taught for 4 years on the mythical beaches of Hossegor, France to apprentice surfers of all ages. Based on our multi-faceted experience, our surf camp in Popoyo offers you three types of surf package Nicaragua: Road Trip, Coaching Trip, and Surfari Trip. All are described below: 

Road Trip

  • For experienced surfers
  • We will get out each day, surfing the large variety of waves types available in the area.
  • Each evening, we will decide together where tomorrow takes us, based on current conditions, preferences and your surfing abilities.
  • Included are airport transfers, lodging full board with drinks included, and unlimited surf trips by car to the best waves of the day!

Coaching Trip

  • For those who already surf and want personal advices to improve their surfing.
  • It's a Road Trip with a personal coaching to push your surfing level.
  • Included: airport transfers, lodging full board with drinks included and unlimited surf trip by car to the best waves of the day!


Surfari Trip

  • For experienced surfers
  • Most of the waves are accessible by land, but some are only accessible by boat, we offer the same services as the "Road Trip" with access by car and boat.
  • Included: airport transfers, lodging full board with drinks included and unlimited surf trip by car and boat to the best waves of the day!

Your partner doesn't surf but likes going to the beach with you. We propose a non surfer all inclusive package based on a double occupancy.

We Surf the Right Spot at the Right Time

We don't pre-define our program: each guest is offered customized options to optimize your surf experience. With no times restraints, we are willing to cover miles by car or by boat to get you to the very best waves.

We guarantee you :

  • Maximum time surfing.
  • Visits to the numerous surf spots of Nicaragua.
  • A choice of wave types depending on your level. 
  • Organization that precludes your optimum safety. 
  • Respect for the local environment and our participation in sustainable development.

Finally, in order to maximize each of your sessions and avoid over-crowding spots, each of our surf trips is limited to 6 surfing guests per group.

Come and enjoy a Nicaragua surf camp's life.

For personally customized surf trips, please contact us!

Why pick up a Surf Guide Package?

  • To enjoy our local knowledge
  • To be part of a group and share your surf trip with other surfers.
  • Our Surf Guides know exactly where and when to go to surf the best waves, they will pick up the spots according to your level and the kind of waves you like to surf, they'll explain you the spots and off course they'll surf with you!
  • Because we organise everything from the airport to the airport.


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