Surf Spots Nicaragua

We offer surf packages for surfers of all skill levels.

Why Popoyo – Nicaragua?

With more than 330 offshore days / year this area is a unique place in the world.Perfectly located in the middle of Central America, Nicaragua catches all the swell, and there are always waves to surf. In 2013, every day has been surfed, some days where small of course and some days too big….

The advantage of Popoyo area is its large diversity of surf spots (more than 12 spots around) with beach break, point break, reef break, outter reefs. There is always a good place according to your level and waves you like to surf.

Surf Camp

  • For more experienced surfers, we recommend Surf Guiding Package.


  • For intermediate surfers, we recommend the Surf Coaching Package


  • For beginners, we recommend one of our Surf School Package.


  • Don’t want to bring your surfboard to Nicaragua, no problems we have a really good quiver of rental boards ( All size, all levels, all in a good shape)

Perfect location in the middle of the Surfing Area

About the Area

  • Southern Nicaragua in the Popoyo Area.
  • More than 300 days of off shore wind.
  • More than 10 waves in less than a 40min drive.
  • Large diversity of surf spots( beach breaks, reef breaks, point breaks, outer reefs ) for all levels.


  • Left Reef Break.
  • Fun wave.

El Penon

  • Left Point Break.
  • A really long wall, Up to 200 meters…Perfect for Turns


  • Beach Break.

Las Plumerias

  • Apparently some waves close by!

Popoyo Reef

  • Perfect A frame Reef Break.
  • With a really cool Bar overlooking the spot.

Popoyo Outer Reef

  • Heavy Left for Chargers.
  • The heaviest wave in Central America.


  • Hollow Beach break.
  • Plenty of peaks, rights & lefts.

Playa R

  • Left Reef Break.
  • Close to the rocks.

Panga Drops

  • Outside reef, lefts & rights.
  • Good for longboarders.


  • Beach Break with long barrels.
  • Crystal clear water!


  • Left Point Break.
  • In a gorgeous bay.

Surf Guiding Package

(Intermediates / Experts)

Surf Coaching Package

(Intermediates )

Surf School Package